Remarkable celebrations

I loved this set of Tweets sent out yesterday by the Libyan Youth Movement (@ShababLibya), in the midst of the huge celebrations in Libya on the 2nd anniversary of the Libyan Revolution:

Imagine living in a country where the only celebration took place happened to celebrate something you didn’t even want to recognize. #libya

Where even your favourite spectator sport was tainted by the regime’s hand. Also, forget concerts or any live entertainment. No expression

Now imagine that goes on for forty two years, to the point where you even begin to forget what public/national celebrations are…

Imagine that glass being finally shattered and you gain the freedom to smile, to sing, to wave a flag you recognize. #libya #feb17

What we see today in #Libya are celebrations of a people who actually haven’t had much practice at it& they’re doing a fabulous job! #feb17

How many national holidays, celebrations, concerts, fireworks, face paint, music, candy, laughter, & smiles could you have in 42 yrs? #libya

Pack all of that into one day= #feb17 celebrations, may we see many many many more to come. #libya

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