A project I intended to start in 2015: posting photos here & on Flickr, and writing some notes about some of our current and past travels.

Five+ years later, and, no progress to report. But I still have hopes. The pages I do have posted are:

And a report of our search for Oksana’s lost grandfather, who died in 1920s Cuba:

Coming some day (I hope)

  • Japan, 2004 (and 1971-72)
  • Cuba, 2010
  • South Africa/Zimbabwe 2012
  • Ukraine/Istanbul 2013
  • Maybe a few photos from our US mid-South road trip 2014
  • Turkey, Greece & Vienna, 2015
  • Puglia, Italy, 2016
  • Eclipse trip to Oregon & Washington, 2017
  • Belize, 2019
  • Croatia, 2020 (Cancelled!)

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