What’s an Internet without cat videos?

Why not some cat videos?  These three all feature Charlie and Ethel in one of their favourite play activities: boxing.

1. Combating boredom (Fox version)

In the spring of 2010, a family of foxes moved into our backyard neighbourhood. Squirrels and baby raccoons were slaughtered regularly, and each of our cats was chased down at least once.

So for a couple of months, they were mostly kept indoors (or on a leash). After a long winter, they weren’t happy. But Charlie at least would amuse himself with a good game of billiards (and a bit of boxing with Ethel):

2. Combatting boredom (winter version)

Every winter since we got our TV, the big box comes up to the living room, and becomes play central. Usually in this fashion…

3. Back door battle


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